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Why Choose American Metal

By Jelani Rucker
on March 19, 2018

There are lots of reasons to choose American-made steel. Not only do you avoid paying tariffs on imports and help support the domestic steel industry, but money spent with American companies is recycled through the broader communities in the form of jobs, retail, taxes and more. In contrast, money spent with foreign companies leaves the U.S. and only benefits other countries. Other reasons to buy American-made steel include:

Exceptional Product Quality

American steel has become synonymous with quality. American steel mills adhere to international manufacturing standards and provide verifiable material test reports (MTR) and other documentation to certify the properties of the steel. But some steelmakers and mills in other countries have been accused of falsely reporting product, using additives that reduce weld strength, and supplying product with inferior welds. That’s why many American contractors and engineers demand American-made steel for quality assurance and peace of mind.

Better Product Availability 

Another advantage of American-made steel is its proximity to project sites here in the United States. There’s no need to wait weeks for overseas shipping, and no need to spend valuable time removing oils or rust before installation. Many American-made steel products are in stock at strategically located warehouses so they can be delivered as soon as the next day — and in the best condition.

Superior Customer Support

American-made steel also comes with American support. Customers who buy steel imports usually don’t know the manufacturer and can’t reach out with questions or concerns. But customers of American steel companies can easily call with questions and get the information they need.

Better for the Environment

Although China and other countries have taken steps in recent years to reduce the environmental footprint of their steel production process, the American steel industry is still extremely efficient and operates with a low CO2 emissions intensity.