How Steel is used

Steel is used more than any other metal in the world. Each of the 3,500+ grades of steel features distinct physical, chemical and environmental properties designed for specific applications. As you can see in the World of Zekelman interactive experience, steel is used all around you — and under and above you, too!

Structural Support, Building Systems and Architecture

Steel provides critical support for buildings and structures of all kinds — both below ground, in the form of pilings, and above ground, in the form of beams, columns, wall frames and electrical / plumbing systems. Steel hollow structural sections, or HSS, provide more support with less steel, and they look great, too. Many building owners prefer steel over wood because it weighs and costs less, and it doesn’t warp, rot or burn.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Steel supports all the operations of daily life and all the ways we get from point A to point B. It’s in our seat-belt buckles, car frames, highway overpasses, bridges, airports, railways, subways, national defense and more. In energy applications, steel is used in solar panels, wind turbines, offshore oil drilling platforms and pipelines.

Industrial and Agricultural Equipment

Just about every type of machine used in manufacturing, farming, material handling and hydraulic operations is made of steel. Steel is also commonly used to build mezzanines, platforms, stairs and conveyors in industrial facilities because it supports so much weight and withstands harsh environments.

And much more!

Steel is also used in countless products — from household appliances to shelving units and cutlery. Take a look around, and you’ll see it everywhere. Explore the World of Zekelman >

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