Alloy: a metal made by combining two elements. All types of steel are alloys, but “alloy steel” is steel with a specific combination of elements that boosts strength

Annealing: a heat treatment process that makes steel easier to bend and work with

ASTM: an organization (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials) that develops international standards for many products, including steel pipe and tube

Baghouse: an emission control device that filters gas streams through cloth or fiberglass bags in order to trap particles

Billet: a solid length of steel, produced through either continuous casting or hot rolling, that will be further processed to form a final product

Blast furnace: a large, brick-lined cylinder in which hot air and gases blast through iron ore, coke and limestone to extract iron from the ore

Coil: a tightly wound sheet of steel

Ductility: the ability to change shape without fracturing

ERW: electric resistance welding, a welding method using an electrical current and applied force to transform a sheet of steel into a tube or pipe

Fabricate: to machine, form or join steel to create its finished state

Pig iron: the melted iron produced in a blast furnace

Threads: the ridges on the end of a steel pipe that allow for the attachment of fittings

Zekelman Industries: the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America