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Serving Our Country and Steel

By Camille Grayson
on November 11, 2019

Here at American Metal, our theme for this quarter is inspiration. And we think there’s nothing more inspiring than the people who’ve served both the steel industry and our armed forces. The two go hand in hand because steel has always been important for national security. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re extending a special salute to these honorable workers:

  • Members of the new United Steelworkers Veterans of Steel Council — This council had its first-ever meeting in October, discussing its goals of engaging with, educating and advocating for veterans in both the United States and Canada. Read more about the council and how to get involved.
  • Otto Mrok Jr. of Middle River, MD — In 1966, Mrok had just started working at Bethlehem Steel when he went to Vietnam. He spent two years there before returning to his career in the steel industry. Read more about his life and service.
  • John M. Dechman of Josephine, PA — Dechman passed away last week at age 95. He served in the artillery division during World War II and then spent 35 years working for Latrobe Steel Company. Read more about his life and service.

Thank you to these veterans and to everyone else who has served our country as well as the steel industry. If you’re a veteran who works with steel, please consider sharing your story with us! We’d love to hear from you.