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Steel is bouncing back green

By Camille Grayson
on May 17, 2021

The U.S. steel industry is on the rebound after the pandemic ground production to a halt in 2020. As demand for U.S. steel rises, steel mills across the country are firing back up to meet it. While last year was a challenge for steel producers, 2020 also brought about significant progress in the sustainability efforts being made in our industry. As we ramp production back up, we’re doing it in a more environmentally friendly way.

Strength in numbers

When the pandemic hit last spring, automakers had no choice but to shut down assembly lines, sending steel production plummeting by 50%. The drop in production was the biggest seen since the Great Depression. Just over 12 months later, U.S. steel production is up 43% year over year, with American steel mills producing 1.78 million tons of steel in the final week of April. Learn more about the improving numbers we continue to see here.

Great strides for sustainability

As the American steel industry roars back to life, we do so in a more eco-friendly way than ever. U.S. steel producers are world leaders in sustainable production practices, paving the way for steel mills around the globe. Electric arc furnaces, domestically sourced iron ore pellets, and the use of natural gas in mills all contribute to our low CO2 emissions. In addition, all domestic steel contains recycled material and every steel product is 100% recyclable, reducing overall waste. American steel companies continue to invest in renewable energy and carbon-emissions-reducing technology. Read about the progress being made here.

Leading the way

As the U.S. steel industry makes its comeback from the pandemic, we are doing so in a way that puts us at the forefront of the global steel market. Steel workers across the country have a lot to be proud of, and a lot to look forward to as production continues to rise.