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Steel Supports Us All

By Camille Grayson
on September 20, 2021

Few have championed the steel industry and its importance in the lives of Americans more than Zekelman Industries CEO, Barry Zekelman. Steel is something we all rely on, whether we know it or not. It’s used to build homes, hospitals, bridges, manufacturing plants and pipelines. It ensures we have food on our tables, gas in our cars and lights on at night. “Steel,” Zekelman says, “may be the single most important thread that stitches our country together.”

Zekelman recently spoke at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber’s Salute to Business breakfast event, where he touched on the importance of supporting the domestic steel industry. “If the steel industry was gone we would be in dire straits, so we have to protect it, we have to grow it,” says Zekelman. He goes on to point out how vital steel is in our everyday lives. Watch the video:

Surrounded by steel

It’s hard to find an industry that doesn’t rely on steel in some way. For a closer look at the places you can find steel, check out this American Metal blog post. Steel truly supports everyone, everywhere.