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When You Buy American, You Invest in Our Future

By Jelani Rucker
on June 25, 2018

By now you’ve probably heard that every job in the steel industry creates seven supporting jobs. But did you know that every dollar spent on domestic goods creates a multiplier effect that impacts your local community and the overall U.S. economy? When you buy American product, your money multiplies through three levels of impact:

  • Direct impact on the business
  • Indirect impact on other area businesses paid by the first
  • Induced impact as the business owners and employees spend their income

Think of it this way: When you buy a product made in another country, your money goes there and that’s the end of the story.

But when you buy from an American manufacturer, the business owner uses your money to pay local utilities, buy more supplies and pay employees. Those employees then go out and patronize local businesses, whose owners and employees do the same, and they all pay taxes that go to enrich your community and our nation as a whole.

The more American products you buy, the more workers need to be hired to manufacture them, which means more job opportunities for you, your friends, your family and your neighbors. And most jobs in domestic manufacturing don’t require four-year college degrees or the associated burden of hefty student loans. A simple two-year program is all it takes, and many manufacturers will cover the cost for their employees because they know the investment is worth it.

The next time you have the choice between foreign-made and domestic-made product, think about the impact your money can make right here at home. Buy American and invest in our future.