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Women in Construction

By Camille Grayson
on March 16, 2021

Earlier in March, the construction industry came together to celebrate Women in Construction Week. This weeklong celebration is dedicated to recognizing the women who make the industry great, as well as educating women on the opportunities within the industry.

One of the best parts of Women in Construction Week is hearing success stories from women who have broken down barriers and made an impact. During Women in Construction Week, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) highlighted four women who have done just that. In this inspiring article, they share their success stories, discuss what it means to be a woman in construction, and offer their advice to others looking to break into the industry.

These stories are amazing, and we need more of them. Women make up only 10.9% of the U.S. construction workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Traditionally, most of these roles have been in management-type roles such as sales and office administration. This lack of representation is due to perceived barriers to entry for women interested in a construction career, such as the notion that construction involves too much heavy manual labor.

It’s time to overcome these perceived barriers. It’s time to kill the perception that construction only involves hard labor that only men can do. It’s time to empower more women to pursue whatever career they want in construction. And it’s time to educate women about the many benefits a career in construction can offer.

Women can earn well-paid jobs that don’t require a college degree in an industry that continues to narrow the gender wage gap. Careers in construction also offer job security, competitive benefits and paid vacation. There are a wide variety of roles and positions, as well as apprenticeships and on-the-job training that make it easier to hone the trade. Most importantly, women in construction can play a pivotal role in literally building up the communities in which they live.

The construction industry is one that constantly battles a labor shortage. Women can help fill that void. Let’s do our part to encourage more women to consider a construction career. And let’s continue to celebrate the contributions made by those who do. Share your success story or the story of a trailblazing woman in the construction industry.