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American Steel Is More Readily Available & Supported

By Camille Grayson
on March 13, 2019

American-made steel products might cost a bit more upfront than imported products, but they’re worth it for lots of reasons. Many OEMs, contractors and distributors choose American because the products are more readily available and come with more support from the manufacturer.

Our steel is ready fast.
Ordering imported steel products can add weeks or even months to your schedule, due to shipping and customs processing. But American manufacturers can produce steel products with shorter lead times and expedited delivery (via truck or rail rather than boat).

Our steel shipments are easy to track.
Imported steel products may pass through many hands — in many countries — before they reach their final destination, and the route is usually not trackable. But American manufacturers make it easy to follow a product’s journey from start to finish. Access to this information helps not only with project planning, but also with risk management.

Our steel manufacturers are happy to collaborate.
It can be hard to collaborate with overseas manufacturers about special product requirements, partly because of differences in language and time zone. But American manufacturers are eager to help with product customization and special requirements.

Our steel manufacturers resolve any quality issues.
Attorneys can attest that it’s difficult to resolve quality disputes with overseas manufacturers. Refunds are nearly impossible to get. Some foreign suppliers even defend their inferior products by saying that if customers wanted better quality, they should have bought elsewhere. But American manufacturers understand the importance of quality and will go out of their way to resolve issues to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Availability and customer support are just some of the many reasons to choose American metal. If your job requires sourcing steel or steel products, be sure they’re American-made.